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The serious barista’s dream machine. Slayer Espresso Single Group features
the same commercial group, brew actuator, needle valve assembly, and
steam valves as the 2-group and 3-group models – plus a few extras. With
a touchscreen interface that assists in flavor profiling and temperature
control, this one-group espresso machine has unprecedented capabilities.

Flavor Profiling
Manual operation of 3-position actuator
allows total control
Pre-heat Coil
Stabilizes brew tank temperature
Power Saver Schedule
Automatically powers on and off
Shot Mirror
Improves visibility during extraction

Patented Needle Valve
Grind fine with restricted flow rate during
pre-brew phase
Touchscreen Menu
Digital readout features backflush,
timers, and access to all parameters
Custom Options
Personalize with distinct body colors,
materials, and wood

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