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El Salvador - Hibrido Centroamericano Natural

Pear, Apple and Nectarines


  • Country: El Salvador
  • Region: 
  • Growers: Mendez Family
  • Variety: F1 Hybrid H1
  • Process: Natural
  • Elevation: 1,300 - 1,600 masl
  • Cupping notes: Fruity acidity with notes of Pear, Apple and Nectarines. Medium body with a clean finish.

The Méndez family specialty is the production of high quality coffee. Their coffee is cultivated strictly under the shade of native trees. Onsite is also an innovative water management program, which collects rain water to increase their sustainability.

Recently they have been awarded 1st place in the competition “Exceptional quality for the world 2016″ and granted the Presidential coffee award. In 2019, they also qualified amongst the top coffees in the cup of excellence.


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Type: Coffee

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